The Lafayette Wetlands Partnership restored an urban wetland located along Knitting Mill Creek at 46th Street and Colley Avenue in 2008-2009.  The restoration was the first project completed by the Partnership.  Documentation from this project has served as the basis for mentoring other

groups in restoration projects.

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The wetland at 46th and Colley Avenue was badly eroded and full of concrete debris prior to its restoration.

One growing season following the removal of debris, planting of new wetland grasses, and installation of additional buffer shrubs, the 46th Street and Colley Avenue wetland was a flourishing habitat that protected water quality in the creek while adding beauty to the neighborhood.

46th and Colley Avenue


47th and Colley Avenue

Runoff Abatement

Each urban wetland is vulnerable to storm water runoff from the adjacent streets and parking areas.  The Partnership incorporated a rain garden in its restoration at 47th and Colley Avenue to respond to this threat.  The rain garden was designed by a Norfolk Master Gardener and installed in March, 2012.

Every restored wetland is the result of a collaboration effort among neighbors and the members of the Partnership.  This work crew had just completed the first stage of installing the rain garden.