Riverpoint Playground
Tree and Shrub Plantinghttp://livepage.apple.com/

On November 7, 2015 , 34 volunteers turned out to plant over 40 native trees & shrubs at the Riverpoint Playground wetlands restoration site.  The group not only planted the trees but also had time to clear a large amount of dense greenbriar vines that were choking out many existing native trees. The group put in about 63 volunteer hours.
The trees (39) and shrubs (4) were provided from the FONE "Neighborwoods" grant, the City of Norfolk, and donated plants from Riverpoint residents David Johnson, Laurie Fox and LWP volunteer, Kathy King:

  1. Live Oaks (2)

  2. Eastern Redbuds (2)

  3. Sweetbay Magnolia (2)

  4. Fringetrees (2)

  5. Bald Cypress (2)

  6. Persimmon (4)

  7. Red Buckeye (1)

  8. Blackgum (1)

  9. Eastern Red Cedar (23)

  10. Blueberry (4)


A group photo is attached of our terrific City officials and our volunteers supporting this activity:

  1. City of Norfolk: Jack Erwin, Dean Bowles and Justin Shafer

  2. Lafayette Wetlands Partnership: Dale Ryder, John Stewart, Kathy & Ray King, Jim Hazel 

  3. Riverpoint residents: David Johnson, Tom Bartosh, Michael Fitchett, Jim Doyle, Tracy Frank, Judd Knecht, Frank King

  4. USS Anzio (CG-68): Joseph Griffin with

  5. USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75): Brett Reid, Andrew Marcoux, Earl Brown, Crystal Kentny, William McGhee, Rebekah McGhee, Yolanda Alfred, Alson Alfred, Jacqueline Hernandez and Justin Hawn

  6. Chesapeake Bay Foundation: Henly and Charie Schmitt

  7. Landstown High School Alexandra Canlas and her father, Victor Canlas

  8. "Chesapeake Bay Volunbeers": Kyle Alexander and Becki Orme

  9. Tidewater Master Naturalists: Josie White