The wetland along the Lafayette River at the intersection of Holly and Columbus Avenues (Riverview) was badly overgrown with Phragmites.  Grasses had been lost to soil erosion, and there was no protection from runoff from the adjacent condominium.

The restoration of 250 linear feet of vegetated wetland, the elimination of over 3000 square feet of Phragmites, and the planting of a buffer of upland shrubs and flower plants was completed in 2013. 

Riverview Wetland Restoration

(Holly and Columbus Avenues)

Fairmount Park Wetland Restoration

The Fairmount Park Civic League completed the restoration of a wetland at the intersection of Pope and Somme Avenues in 2012.  Youth and adults from that neighborhood removed Phragmites, planted wetland grasses, high marsh plants, and upland shrubs, installed bird houses and a park bench along the way.  The community hopes that the project will give it the impetus it needs to complete a wetland restoration and installation of a walkway along the nearby Lafayette River.