Our History

Lafayette Wetlands Partnership History

The Partnership was first formed in 2007 through the passion and vision of John Stewart, an ardent environmentalist and retired librarian living in Colonial Place. In just a short time, John created a group of similarly concerned environmental advocates who started tackling the restoration of badly degraded shorelines along Knitting Mill Creek.

The first projects undertaken were located along northern Colley Avenue, at the east ends of 46th St and 47th St, restored shoreline along Colley Bay, and the west end of 51st St. These projects, now relatively mature, can be easily viewed and enjoyed today.

As time passed, the LWP membership now includes a wide diversity of groups and partners, each bringing unique expertise, and the Partnership has taken on sponsoring larger, more complex projects.

LWP participants now include Norfolk city staff (Public Works), local environmental groups (Elizabeth River Project and The Hermitage Museum & Gardens), professors and scientists with Old Dominion University, members of the Norfolk Master Gardeners and Tidewater Master Naturalists, Keep Norfolk Beautiful, and Friends of Norfolk’s Environment.

Our largest project to date was recently initiated in partnership with the City of Norfolk. This project, the Knitting Mill Creek Natural Pathway, involved the recreation of a native plant buffer zone and pedestrian walkway along 300 feet of shoreline along Mayflower Rd on the east side of Knitting Mill Creek, in the Colonial Place neighborhood.