Citizens or groups interested in starting a wetlands restoration effort can contact us to request support in any number of ways. Each project is unique and has special challenges and needs.

Our mentoring support can include the following

  • one-on-one mentoring in project planning and management
  • site plan development
  • guidance on any permits that may be required
  • referrals to the appropriate city officials relevant to the project
  • help with volunteer recruitment
  • coaching on-site during work events
  • loaned tools and supplies
  • plant and materials acquisition
  • advice on plant selection and installation
  • suggestions for funding sources, if needed

Provide Resources

We also have the following resources to offer:

  • A Project Management Manual
    • provides advice and resource information for restoration projects
  • A collection of special tools used for wetlands restoration, which are loaned out to groups undertaking restoration projects. These tools and supplies are housed and managed by the Keep Norfolk Beautiful staff at the Ernie Morgan Center.

Recruiting Volunteers

Recruiting Volunteers, Lafayette Wetlands Partnership

The Partnership regularly relies on the advertising capabilities of Keep Norfolk Beautiful (KNB) to promote our work events and opportunities for volunteer service.

We also keep a roster of our most committed and loyal volunteers, to keep them informed of upcoming events they may be interest in supporting.

If you have a work event in planning, contact us or contact KNB directly by submitting their form for their support in soliciting volunteers.

The Colley Bay Living Shoreline Restoration is a great example of a city-led project that relied on volunteers, many from the Lafayette Wetlands Partnership, to replant the restored shoreline with native plants: