Projects In Progress

Midfield Wetlands Walk (2016 – present)
Granby Willow Wood Park Shoreline Restoration (2017 – present)

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Completed Projects

46th Street Wetlands Restoration (2008-2009)
Talbot Hall Wetland Grass Planting (2010)
51st Street and Killam Avenue Wetland Restoration/Larchmont Elementary School Wetland Restoration (2010)
47th Street Wetland Restoration and Rain Garden (2011-2016)
Riverview Restored Wetland (2011-2013)
Fairmount Park Phragmites Control (2012)
Riverpoint Playground Wetlands Restoration (2014-2017)
Knitting Mill Creek Buffer and Walkway (2016)

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  • Oyster Bergs

    The Partnership has collaborated with the Elizabeth River Project (ERP) to invent a new way to bring back the Elizabeth River oyster, called “Oyster Bergs.”

  • Eyes on the River

    Eyes on the River is a citizen-based environmental monitoring network focusing on the health and enjoyment of the Lafayette River in Norfolk, VA.

  • Bioblitz

    A Bioblitz type event promotes both of these while also measuring the ecological diversity of a particular natural site.